To forget somebody isn't possible because deep inside, you remember everything

yuppa i sgt setuju dgn statement diatas.coz yes deep inside i remember everything! hey guys sorry for my disappearing last few days neh.just that i need time to heal my wound and time to get myself straight again.i thought i can do it but up till today,i cant.sorrryy i didnt mean to be weak o vulnerable.but its just soo hard for me.please understand.but now im quite ok.yelah dah 3 days direct i kua balek sampai pagi buta.meronggeng with my friends! buat keje gile lepak sana sini.yeah i dah ilang akal sudah.terasa kosong gila sekarang.impact kali neh sgt kuat.i dunno how i managed to put on a smile ya know.coz u know deep inside u're hurt and still hoping but knowing that it will never heal or happen.but im thankful for having friends that trying very hard to cheer me up and be there.thanks u guys.right now,i have no attention in having a serious relationship with anyone,just friendship that i want.yes, i need to take a break from relationship.bole flirt flirt pasneh.hahah jokinglah.just serious feeling o whatsoever.just i want to enjoy my life when i still get the chance.but still everyday i woke up from bed,my heart ache.sgt sucks!! haaiih im so tired feeling like this.still i need to move on and keep faking smile to people.n im good at faking smile.but im not good at handling my feeling.n i cant lie.i miss u and i still love pathetic of me lah mia! gosh learn to accept reality girl.please for ur own good.remember,setiap kejadian ada hikmahnya.just let time do its work strong and believe in faith.i keep telling myself this.but i lose hope in faith

p/s: i plg xsuke petir and guruh! sgt xsuke okeh.sgt takut! 

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